Why is self care vital?
And why do we even need to ask that? This is why we do it.

In this 21st century modern life, the interweb began publicly discussing the ancient art of self care last year. Before that, we began to observe the insanity of the prestige of proclaiming how stressed and busy we are.

So we have some reframing to do on the supposed indulgence, luxury, or selfishness of self care, when it is actually a personalized practice of taking responsibility for our own well being and ability to show up in the world.

Here are two resources that sum it up and invite you to dive deep:

Why self care is so important, a great article by Kristin Wong

Self Care 101- a book and an invitation by Shelly Hillesheim

Make space for self care
This is what we do!

Being organized is a desirable way to live life, but we want to pause right there and look with you at what your life is about these days. What are you dealing with? What’s most important to you right now? What are your goals? How can we create spaces you love that actually work for what you have and the steps toward what you’re reaching for?

Sure, you could hire any professional organizer to first slay that storage room or garage that taunts you with its sheer chaos, but if you neglect the deeper issues of stress and the effects of a frantic lifestyle, odds are the clutter and chaos will descend again. How you treat yourself has an effect on how you treat your surroundings and how you treat others.

If you can’t have the bathroom/kitchen/bedroom/garden you want, honey, love the space you’ve got.

We love getting clever with spaces once your goals are clear. Loving that space starts with a decision to do just that, and then take action. For you, action may be a matter of negotiating how to share space or choosing some functional and beautiful sorting /presentation pieces. It could even be a matter of hiring a handy person to install a shelf to give you more surface area if that’s what you need most. You’ve got goals - we’ve got options.

Declutter for clarity
Where to start? Start with your foundation

This is how we do it - strategically. What are your most important spaces? Which are the spaces that do or could serve you best for upholding a foundation of quality rest, mind-body connection, and nourishment? These are the spaces that influence your state of mind as you go throughout your day interacting with other spaces, things, and people.

The easiest way to make space is to clear out what’s not currently serving, which means its simply in the way, taking up space and cluttering your focus on what you actually need and want to do

We can responsibly reallocate what you’re ready to say goodbye to, or we may be able to store what’s seasonal or sentimental - we’re not about imposing minimalism

Dealing with overwhelm
retreat ≠ bootcamp

Let's get this straight - Do NOT use self care or organization goals as weapons to guilt yourself for what you should be doing, how things should look, or how your life should be. Start with priorities. Be loving and gentle with yourself.

Consider that you're inviting yourself to something lovely. Being invited means you have a choice. You have options. You have freedom to prioritize for what works best, and to include yourself in the equation. It’s not the biggest deal in the world if you miss a date with yourself. And yet, you want to look at what’s going on if you are repeatedly missing dates with yourself. Maybe there’s a way to make it more relaxing or enjoyable. Maybe you can request support or delegate some of the stuff that’s getting in the way. We’ll have a look at how these factors affect your routines and your follow through.

making space for self care
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